Food Moves: A Whole-Body, Whole-Wheat Retreat

Food Moves: A Whole-Body, Whole-Wheat Retreat

This one-day retreat – August 20 – will be spent on a private organic farm in the beautiful Chimacum Valley, where, after a morning class of alignment work to warm and wake up the spine, knees, and shoulders, we’ll move on to traditional wheat-working-movements: dough-kneading, grain harvesting, and wheat processing (hand thresh, winnow, mill) at The Grainery.

Experience firsthand the age-old collaborative movements that go into hand-sickling wheat, then sheaf bundling, harvest transportation (carrying), threshing, winnowing and milling. Working together, you’ll learn about, and participate in, the labor-rich process of flour production as it was conducted before industrialization, and that also goes for the final stage—eating delicious food that comes of your own handiwork.

After a day spending your labor in the food system, we’ll conclude with another movement class to care for our “farming parts,” and wind down with a question-and-answer session with Katy while eating dessert we’ve plucked from the land. This will be a day-long workout stacked with land-based learning, strategic rest, laughter, and community.

An optional 2-hour walk with Katy on Saturday evening before the retreat is included. Take in the beauty of the Olympic Peninsula and share conversations with your fellow participants, while stretching out your legs and bodies in preparation for the wheat-movements to come on Sunday.

Attendance is limited to 30 registrants.
Cost: $495 USD, $445 early-bird price through July 31st–Buy two tickets and get $75 off!
Chimacum, WA; August 20th, 8:00am–5:30pm (optional evening walk with Katy 6–8pm August 19)

Included: A local, organic lunch of homemade pizza, salad greens, and beverage (locally produced options with and without alcohol), plus blueberry shortbread you’ll help make yourself, and all movement and farming instruction, and gift bag. Please note accommodations are not included.

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